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Sexy New Teaser For “Secret Love Affair”

We often ask ourselves why doing something so wrong feels so right? This is probably a question Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) and Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) will continuously ask themselves when they begin to do very bad things that feel so so good to each other’s bodies. Stories about extramarital affairs are often passionate, intense and sexy (what the point without the sex?) but also involve deception and betrayal, which is why I’m glad that they usually end tragically, even if there’s an attempt to justify the infidelity by making the spouse (usually the husband) boring, asexual or an asshole.


“Hotel King” Cast Bond With High Fives During Training

In mid-February at the Seoul Lotte Hotel, Lee Dong Wook , Lee Da Hae , and the rest of the cast and crew of Hotel King got together for hotelier training. From simple shift dress code, attitude, speech, greeting, basic wine education to serving as a hotelier, the actors spent hours training in these. Hotel staff also participated in the training, giving private lessons to the actors. After the session, Lee Dong Wook and the others seemed to have newfound respect for the industry and its employees, realizing that the positions aren’t as easy as they initially assumed.


Lee Bo Young & Rain For Harper’s Bazaar Korea’s March 2014 Edition + Extra Spreads Of Ji Chang Wook

The March edition of Harpe’s Bazaar Korea is bursting with top rate beauty, as Lee Bo Young models the colorful trends of the spring season while Rain , who continues to promote his new album, takes readers to New York City. Meanwhile, go here for Ji Chang Wook ‘s previously released spreads from the March issue. Lee Bo Young Rain Ji Chang Wook Source |


Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won And Go Ara Are Confirmed For “You’re All Surrounded”

SBS has cast its main leads for their upcoming drama You’re All Surrounded about 20-something rookie cops at a Gangnam police station. No, Cha Seung Won won’t be one of those rookies as he’ll be playing the strong team leader, Seo Pan Seok, who shapes them into great cops. This will be his first drama since 2011′s Greatest Love . Apparently, every drama needs a genius and Lee Seung Gi is it. He plays Eun Da Gu, a blunt, good-looking rookie with an IQ of 150, photographic memory and a painful family history.


Park Hae Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Sung Yuri, & Han Ji Hye For InStyle Korea’s ‘Love Actually’ Campaign (UPDATED)

The March issue of InStyle Korea will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of the magazine’s ‘Love Actually’ project, which involves celebrities taking part in a pictorial that puts the spotlight on their favorite charities. This year, Park Hae Jin , Kim Hee Sun , Sung Yuri , and Han Ji Hye are among the 11 celebrities who participated in the campaign. Other actors include Choi Kang Hee , Ryu Seung Ryong , Kim Tae Hee , Im Siwan , Soo Young , Park Hyung Sik , and Lee Sang Yoon .


140223 SuperJunior, ‘SUPERSHOW5’attracting 450,000 fans.. Accumulated 97times performance gathering 1.35 million fans ‘Remarkable’

February 23, 2014 at 2:55 pm | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs. , News/Rumors , Pictures/Videos , Wonderboys | 2 Comments Tags: Super Show 5 Compilation: 140222 Super Show 5 Tour in Beijing with Super Junior [OSEN=Lee Hyerin] According to SM Entertainment in Feb 23, its popular group SuperJunior attracted 450,000 fans around the world through its world tour ‘SuperShow5’. Starting from March of 2013 in Seoul, the group has successfully delivered ‘SUPERSHOW5’ in 20 cities including Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Hongkong, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Taiwan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Manila, Mexico city, London, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Macao, Beijing, attracting an estimate 450,000 audience.